NokiaOvi Maps Racing Game hits Ovi Store

Ovi Maps Racing Game hits Ovi Store

Ovi Maps Racing

Gaming enthusiasts enticed by ‘velocity’ or games touched by celerity may be thrilled to realize more about the latest offering. Well, Ovi Maps Racing game has finally made its way to the Ovi Store.

The stimulating game embraces the best of Navteq Map data, location and gaming to create a cool bit of time-wasting fun. Players can now access their location, create a track and put the pedal to the metal.

Filled to the brim with excitement and fun, the Ovi Maps Racing lets gamers set a track up to race around their neighborhood. Besides, users can choose from pre-defined tracks and check global ranking.

Interestingly, users can use the GPS in their mobile device to find their location (or use Ovi Maps to choose any location in the world), then customize a track around their neighborhood, and finally fire up those engines.

Well, the Ovi Maps Racing game can now be downloaded for free as a limited offer.

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