OtterBox intros Commuter and Commuter TL cases for iPhone 3G, 3GS

OtterBox Commuter TL Cases

The Otterbox family recently witnessed two new additions, the Commuter and Commuter TL cases that have been designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. These cases derive the rugged elements from the Defender series and the sleek characteristics from the Impact series.

The rugged cases comprise of three robust layers, the first one being the screen cover that protects it from scratches, by keeping the touchscreen functional. The second layer is a silicone skin that drapes the device, guarding the corners against bumps and shocks. The silicon plug also diminishes dust invasion on audio port and dock connector. Lastly, a custom molded polycarbonate crust wraps around the silicone covering.

“These new cases combine the most innovative features from previous lines to give customers style and protection. The Commuter Series is an inverse design of the Defender; the hard plastic is now on the outside of the case with protective silicone on the inside. This new design slims-down the size and changes the look and feel of the case,” mentioned Curt Richardson founder and CEO of OtterBox.

“Color has been a huge interest for our iPhone customers and we’re eager to fill that need. The new Commuter Series offers optional, interchangeable color shells and the Commuter TL comes in a variety of colorful choices that enable users to individualize their OtterBox,” he continued.

The stylish Commuter TL case is now available in black, however Otterbox will introduce the case in six vibrant colors. The Commuter case measures 4.71” x 2.61” x 0.62” and weighs around 21.11 grams, while the dimensions of the Commuter TL case are 4.73” x 2.63” x 0.66”, weighing 20.87 grams.

The Otterbox Commuter TL case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS is retailed for $34.95.