SoftwareOpera Mini Browser 4.1 turns Beta

Opera Mini Browser 4.1 turns Beta

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta The popular and leading mobile web browser Opera mini-browser unleashes its new form with the Opera Mini browser 4.1 Beta. After the best browser ‘Safari’ for the iPhone, the Opera Mini browser arrives with a basket of features which fills the gaps left by the previous version.

The smart browser presents a fresh new ‘Beta’ version and provides faster speeds and Opera claims that the speeds have improved 50% as compared to the Opera Mini browser 4.0 version. The new version recognizes the URL easily with its intuitive type recognition feature and will also zoom on to your internet page to read on to those fine prints.

With the Opera Mini browser 4.1(Beta), save web pages and visit them as and when required, which is ideal for situations where the network is low or situations where the mobile phone cannot be used. The browser also allows easy downloads and uploads of photos and files.

“There’s a reason Opera Mini has made such an impact around the world — our community,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. “Your input and feedback have pushed us to make Opera Mini better with each version. I hope everyone enjoys these new features, but we ask for your candor and feedback as we get ready to make Opera Mini even more relevant to the millions of people who use us and the millions of people who discover Opera Mini every month.”

To download the latest Opera Mini browser 4.1 for free just hop on to their website: The browser’s compatibility may depend from phone to phone; you may need to check with your mobile operator for handset compatibility and features.

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