Opera browser crosses 50 million users mark in India, sets eyes on 100 million users milestone next

After last month saw Opera announcing in a grand way that its app now has more than 50 million users in India alone, the company is now aiming to breach the 100 million mark. Its chief executive, Lars Boilesen has just revealed this aim of the company, while also saying that they are trying to achieve it ‘as quickly as possible.’

The market in India is constantly evolving, and smartphones have finally managed to grab a permanent spot in it. With excellent products available in a range of different categories, people from all social backgrounds are now adopting smart devices; which in turn is leading to greater use of mobile software like the Opera mobile browser.


This is what has allowed the Norwegian company to hope for the usage number of its products to double up in the country. However, it has declined from mentioning when it is hoping to achieve this milestone.

Talking about India, Boilesen said that it’s an ‘incredibly important’ market for the software company right now. During his talk with Reuters according to Firstpost, he also went on to say that Opera is the third most downloaded app in the whole of India, which makes it larger than products like Gmail.

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The browser division from the company specializes in compressing data with an aim of minimizing download times and costs for mobile data users. This is particularly what makes it so incredibly popular in an emerging market like that of India.

Achieving the 100 million mark in terms to total users in the country seems like an extremely ambitious target, but it’s certainly not a unrealistic one. Let us now see when Opera manages to reach this goal.