OnLive Desktop app for Android tablets is here

OnLive Desktop for Android

Hot on the heels of an iPad compatible version, the OnLive Desktop app for Android tablets has been made available by the company. This software is expected to extend the functionality of services like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and others to slates running on this operating system by Google.

The app enables users to engage in gigabit-speed accelerated browsing sessions, irrespective of the internet speed and computing capability of the device in question. Other than Windows and Adobe applications, the software will also give easy access to a cloud storage facility for up to 2GB content.

“Android tablets are a great platform for OnLive Desktop,” commented Steve Perlman, OnLive Founder and CEO. “With full HD resolution, PC keyboard/mouse support and available 4G LTE, Android tablets deliver an excellent experience with full Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader PC applications, not to mention gigabit-accelerated browsing through OnLive Desktop Plus – even over 4G LTE.”

For using this app, customers will require an OnLive Desktop account. It may be set up absolutely free of cost through the official website. The Desktop Plus option can be utilized at a monthly subscription charge of $4.99. This tablet compatible application has been currently released only for the U.S. The versions for PC, Mac, smartphones and various other devices are also said to be in the pipeline.

The OnLive Desktop app for Android tablets has been released in the Android Market for select slates only. It can be installed free of cost on all compatible devices.