OnePlus One gets a 1 rupee discount, manages to ‘hurt’ its razor-thin profits

OnePlus One is a year old now and to celebrate this milestone, the company has shaved off a whole Re 1 from the price of the smartphone. Additionally, it was also seen offering accessories like the JBL E1+ earphones, screen protectors and flip covers at a 50 percent discount through Amazon India.

From now on, the 64GB OnePlus One in sandstone black will be pegged at Rs 21998, while you’ll have to drop Rs 18998 for the 16GB silk white phone. The reduction of Re 1 is intended as more of a publicity move than an actual discount. The company has already mentioned that its profit margin on each unit is ‘razor-thin’.

OnePlus One

So the one rupee discount on the OnePlus One really hurts. As it is, the cost of the handset was kept the same even after India increased the excise duty on imported phones. On a side note, Apple revised the retail tags on its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to be Rs 2500 higher after the government announced its decision.

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The OnePlus team explains that since the One smartphone was priced just right in the first place, bringing it down by a huge amount wasn’t possible anyway. The device is packed with awesome specs considering the money it demands. We’ve taken the black version for a spin and our only issue with it is the rough ‘sandstone’ rear.

OnePlus One features roundup:

– 2.5GHz quad core Snapdragon 801 processor
– 5.5-inch full HD touchscreen
– 13MP and 5MP cameras
– Android KitKat-based Cyanogen 11S OS
Lollipop-based Cyanogen OS 12 available
– Adreno 330 graphics power
– 3GB RAM, 16GB/64GB ROM, memory not expandable
– 3100mAh battery

The OnePlus One can be purchased from Amazon India by following this link.