OmniFocus 1.7 iPhone App settles in for personal task management

OmniFocus 1.7 iPhone App Mobile phones are quite a lot enriched with extensive customization for users who believe in managing their tasks with a sense of efficiency. Here’s yet another attractive way for personal task management. Omni Group has just revealed a new version of its OmniFocus application for iPhone users, the OmniFocus 1.7.

OmniFocus 1.7 is a personal task management application which includes high-resolution network and support for multi-tasking features in the iPhone with iOS 4. The app’s database optimizations can be completed in the background on iOS 4 while users use their iPhone hassle-free.

To present due alerts when running on the iOS 4, the app utilizes local notifications and optionally presents alerts without the exigency of syncing with a server. The artwork of the app has been refreshed for the high-resolution Retina display on iPhone 4. With some augmentations, fixes and updates to the Completed perspective, the 1.7 offering is the upgraded version of the OmniFocus application.

The newly unveiled OmniFocus 1.7 iPhone app can now be downloaded for $19.99 from the App Store.