Offtime app for Android allows you to fight smartphone addiction and connect with reality

A new application called Offtime has hit Android allowing you to step away from your smartphone and spend time doing things in the real world without any distractions. And the best part of all – You can achieve this without missing out on important updates.

There’s no denying that we’re overly attached to our gadgets and it isn’t easy fighting the addiction, mainly because there’s so much happening around us and we constantly want to stay in the loop. That’s where Offtime positions itself as a pretty nifty solution.


German psychologist Alexander Steinhart has created the application for the very purpose of helping you get unpluged from the internet. It allows you customize the connectivity settings so that you won’t be disturbed with notifications, calls and text messages for a user-defined period.

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So that you don’t miss out on important calls or notifications, you’ll be able to star contacts as important to exclude them from the set restrictions. And for the rest, custom auto-replies can be setup to inform others that you’ve currently unavailable, and provide them with an appropriate time for contacting you.

But don’t worry – Everything you’ve missed throughout the day will be made available via a detailed list. Another great feature of the Offtime application is that is comes with app blocking which restricts you from accessing applications or even the internet. The developer has thrown in usage analytics as well, so that you can monitor you phone habits and improve them.

As great as Offtime sounds, it’s still in the early stages, so don’t expect it to function flawlessly. The application is only available for Android via the Play store, but the developer plans to release it for Windows Phone and iPhone in the future.