O2 lets off XDA Mantle

O2 LogoThe latest phone by O2 to pick the light of day is the XDA Mantle. An innovative Windows Mobile 6.0-powered handset, O2’s XDA Mantle is actually quite a different phone as it comes with a fingerprint sensor for data security purposes.

Sure to make your life a piece of cake at least as far as your communication need is concerned, the XDA Mantle leaves you hassle free as you don’t have to remember too many passwords. Considered to be an offshoot of the HTC P6500 that was released a year ago, the XDA Mantle is definitely one great phone for the corporate sector.

Coming to features, the XDA Mantle boasts of a 3 megapixel camera, a 3.5” LCD display at 240×320 resolution and 256MB RAM. In addition, the handset is attributed with GPS navigation, HSDPA connectivity support, Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth connectivity. In case you need extra memory, there’s also a 1 GB flash memory with dual memory card slots.

There is no word on the price and release date of the XDA Mantle.