AppleNuclear Nova updates GL Golf for iPhone, sale for limited time

Nuclear Nova updates GL Golf for iPhone, sale for limited time

GL Golf

Nuclear Nova released updates to GL Golf, GL Golf Deluxe and GL Golf Lite, offering all versions up to 1.09. With continuous efforts to enrich the GL Golf franchise, Nuclear Nova adds several enhancements including driving range, 12 new courses, four new clubs, 50 percent increase in the performance, and 32 other improvements. These new updates offer realistic and compelling gameplays.

GL Golf allows up to four players to join in and play twenty-four fascinating courses. These games offer realistic experience as their gameplays include several natural elements like water hazards, sand traps, trees, bushes, wind, four seasons, different times to play, and more.

The GL Golf games come with several additional improvements. Their unique gameplays offer fast forward and slow motion buttons to examine the motion of the ball when it is in flight. GL Golf offers an improved ball trail effect and game scorecard. The wind arrow is no more covered with trees.

GL Golf games also include a link to support FAQ. With the GL Golf Deluxe, users can receive new course through in-app purchasing. The resume button now displays information related to the current course and golf hole. Users can also experience visual confirmation for the perfect “ding” shot. The inability to post a score of less than 10 on the LE National course in GL Golf Lite is now fixed. GL Golf Lite also features Rocket Golf.

The GL Golf games are supported by iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS with software version 3.0. Users can grab the GL Golf Lite for free. For limited time, the GL Golf Standard is available for 99 cents (regular $4.99) while the GL Golf Deluxe can be purchased for $5.99 ($2 off, 3.5x the number courses as the standard version), exclusively at the Apple App Store.

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