NTT Docomo makes a mark with Style, Prime and Smart series

Style, Prime, Smart series

The world of wireless communication is growing tremendously and as the industry moves towards more capable multi-brand handsets, stylish designs and interesting features cannot take a back seat. NTT Docomo slid wraps off its eye-catchy and impeccable Style, Prime and Smart series.

The Smart series flaunts a water-proof body, captivating 2-inch sub display and comfortable touchpad. Owners can flaunt their devices with several attractive hues and textures for customizable exterior. The P-01C comes with an elegant hairline finish stainless body which is capable of offering energy-saving performance. Users can type with utmost ease since the phone comes fitted with an ergonomic keypad and capture images with an integrated feature-packed camera. These enticing models are anticipated to hit shelves from November onwards.

The Prime series makes an appearance with its sleek, water-resistant F-01C model alluring individuals with a customizable exterior. Users can snap up this piece of innovation which comes equipped with a highly responsive touchscreen from November onwards. The connectivity level is amplified with Wi-Fi access point and AR location radar. Besides full HD video recording, the SH-01C features gradient coloring and can efficiently resist dust and water which cause unnecessary damage. Photo enthusiasts can use the charming Aquos Shot 14.1MP CCD camera for full HD. The mobile phone sports Wi-Fi access point and content sharing, and is expected to be available from November onwards. The P-03C adorns a user-friendly touchscreen. Owners can click incredible images using the incorporated high-spec 13.2MP camera which also captures HD videos. The Lumix handset can be picked up starting December. The dust, water resistant N-03C is designed jointly with famous snowboard maker Burton and can be snapped up starting January.

The Style series steps in with its water-resistant P-02C model which boasts of remarkable graphics on the front cover. The phone’s screen seamlessly opens in two ways while the device includes together various energy-saving features. The N01C comes along with an illuminated keypad and exceptional built-in 8.1MP quick-shot camera. The premium brand is crafted in collaboration with popular interior design brand ‘About a girl’. These handsets are expected to hit shelves from November 12 onwards.

The F-04C slider phone is crafted in co-ordination with three famous boutiques from trendy ‘109’ fashion building. The handset sports a 1.3MP inner camera and wheel-key, and will be available from January onwards. The F-05C is a sleek, slider mobile phone which also comes equipped with a handy wheel-key. Users can effortlessly access their mail and the device can be picked up from February onwards.

The water-proof N-02C model comes with advanced Wi-Fi access point capabilities and customizable exterior. The 13.2MP camera will appeal owners with clear and bright images. The F-02C augments the style factor with changeable cover decorations while the premium version of this water-proof phone is created in co-ordination with fashion brand Anteprima. Anticipated to be available from November to December, the SH-02C handset adorns a gorgeous monotone body, 9.6MP camera and color organic EL sub-display.

The company will roll out 15,000 units per color of the trendy SH-04C mobile phone. Designed in collaboration with Q-pot, the handset comes with an adorable sweet biscuit motif and coordinated fashion accessories. The device will be available beginning December. Individuals can grab the L-01C from December to January. Offering an ergonomic design and water-resistant body, the phone enables users to capture memorable moments using the 5.1MP camera. Apart from all this, handset owners can enjoy one-seg TV tuner and Japanese – English/Korean dictionaries.

Individuals can snap up these stylish, mesmerizing handsets which bundle together various interesting features.