SoftwareNow, a Google Chrome extension which notifies you when your emails are read

Now, a Google Chrome extension which notifies you when your emails are read

It’s a funny world, the world of Google Chrome extensions. Every now and then, there are innovative and fresh services being doled out by talented developers, and yet, the platform hasn’t benefited from the kind of mainstream success it rightfully deserves. A new innovation coming from a San Francisco-based startup gives us a prime example of this.

Also available for Apple’s Safari browser, the Streak extension works with your Gmail account to notify you when your email is opened. It can also provide you with details regarding how many times your email was opened and when it was read. That’s not all though; you can even take a look at the location of where the email was opened using Streak.


If you’re online when a recipient gets your email, an eye icon from the Google Chrome extension will appear. This icon will turn green when the email is being read, and as revealed by Mashable, the recipient need not have Streak installed themselves for these features to work.

It can be observed that at least one such service was available prior to this one in the form of Bananatag. However, it requires a monthly fee as opposed to Streak which is available free of cost. That said, this service should prove to be useful for customer relationship management, and it hence also works with Google Apps accounts.

Streak is still in beta right now, and can be grabbed for Google Chrome and Safari browsers through its official site.

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