NokiaNokia's New Basic Phone Range avoids giving a Pinch in the Pockets

Nokia’s New Basic Phone Range avoids giving a Pinch in the Pockets

Nokia Mobile phones Yesterday, we reported about the new Nokia 7070 Prism. In addition, to the 7070 Prism, the mobile phone giant also unleashed three other handsets which fulfill the need of style and also do not harm the budgets adversely. All the newly launched Nokia phones cost less than 90 Euros.

The other three phones that were unveiled are Nokia 5000, Nokia 2680 slide and Nokia 1680 classic. The phones may not boast off any major technical advancement, but are quite smart with the required features and specifications.

Here’s zooming into the features of each phone:

Nokia 5000 is a 1.3Megapixel camera phone with a clear QVGA display and FM Radio. The phone also supports email functionality with GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity. The powerful Nokia 5000 will cost EUR 90 and is expected to arrive around second quarter of 2008.

Nokia 2680, a slider phone is a package of entertainment and internet with digital camera, FM radio with recording capabilities and MP3 ringtones. The Slider phone will be priced at EUR 75 before subsidies and tax and will launch in third quarter of 2008.

And last but not the least, the Nokia 1680 classic is a VGA camera and provides one touch access to videos and photos. The phone also offers sharing functionality and email, the phone is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2008 and will feature a very low price of EUR 50 only.

With a steep decrease in prices, the phones have yet retained the required features and specifications with neat design and value for money.

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