Nokia WH-600, WH-700 Stereo Headsets introduced

Nokia WH-600, WH700 Stereo Headsets

Nokia has introduced two new headsets without compromising on the sound quality and style. The two Nokia Stereo headsets are the WH-700 and WH-600.

These headsets have two different styles which are both ergonomical in shape. The user can be comfortable while switching through the calls and music. The music will stop playing automatically once the user gets a call and will start playing again once the call is over.

The Nokia Stereo Headset WH-700 fits comfortably in the ear which has three different ear cups. This WH-700 headset is perfect for users on the move because it is light weight. It also offers easy volume control and call management features. It is bundled with a 3.5mm adaptor, which makes it easy to access to any handset.

The Nokia Stereo Headset WH-600 is a headband style with an on the ear headset that drowns the surrounding sound. Using this headset, it is also easy to manage calls and volume control. WH-600 is also bundled with a 3.5mm connector adaptor. These headsets will be compatible to almost all handsets.

These two Nokia Stereo Headsets WH-700 and WH-600 are expected to be launched in January 2008.
The cost of the WH-700 would be 65 Euros approximately while the WH-700 will be 50 Euros applicable without the taxes.