NokiaNokia to enter CDMA Replacement Market in India

Nokia to enter CDMA Replacement Market in India

Nokia logo Nokia has decided to focus on the CDMA phone market in India, as it is unable to provide low priced handsets to the operators.

Currently Nokia’s share in the replacement market is around 10%. Thus, instead of supplying handsets to CDMA operators, the company will enter the CDMA phone replacement market.

D Shivakumar, vice-president & managing director (mobile phones) of Nokia India Private Limited said that the industry was price-led.

“Nokia will not be able to provide CDMA handsets priced around $20 each” he further added.

Shivakumar also said that, Nokia plans to launch 26 to 30 mobile phone models every six months of different prices across India to meet customer satisfaction.

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