Nokia Series 40 handsets get Emoze Now

Emoze Nokia S40 Emoze Now renowned for its messaging solutions will offer services to the Nokia Series 40 devices. The Series 40 mobile phones are now being offered with an Emoze push messaging software link in the OVI download folder.

With this latest feature, users can rapidly set up their favorite messaging data sources such as Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and more, and push it to their mobile phone, with real-time, secure synchronization. Now users can get advanced mobile messaging capabilities even on the simplest and most extensively used S40 handsets.

“With our software on board, all anyone needs for today’s mobile lifestyle is a simple data package from their mobile service provider – packages that are coming down in price almost every day. We are extremely proud to be on Nokia’s broad range of mid tier mobile devices. It is the world’s most widely used mobile device platform and found in hundreds of millions of devices,” remarked Eitan Linker, Chief Executive of emoze.

The application is easy to set up and user friendly which offers a PC like experience. Emoze is apparently an innate solution that transforms a mobile phone into a personal communications center. The Emoze PRO version facilitates users to set up multiple messaging addresses for real-time delivery to their mobile phone for a small monthly charge.

Synchronization and security are the primary factors that emoze concentrates on. Its services employ compression and encryption in order to provide maximum privacy and security of data. Messages and data are never stored on a 3rd party server, and are stored on user’s mail server and mobile handset, to ensure data security.

Emoze mobile push mail is also cost efficient. Messages are only pushed to a mobile device when it is open and ready to receive and transmissions are devised to conserve batteries and minimize data charges.

A free download of the software is available at and is functional on most of the mobile phones. Users can also navigate on their web-enabled handset to for the emoze download. The emoze enterprise edition is also available and can be downloaded on the S40 handset. This edition claims to offer a business solution for small and medium enterprises without the need to invest in costly devices.