Nokia selects Shah Rukh Khan for new Brand Campaign

Shah Rukh Khan and Nokia Logo Nokia has made Shah Rukh Khan the brand ambassador for its new mobile phone brand campaign.

Nokia will now launch TV campaign ads and feature films which will be directed by Pradeep Sarkar. Initially these will be TV campaigns which will later be print, outdoor, radio, online and digital media.

Devinder Kishore, Director Marketing, Nokia India, stated, “We are extremely pleased to have Shah Rukh Khan on board for our new brand campaign. There is a complete synergy between the Nokia brand and personification of the Shah Rukh brand, both have a youth connect, are trendy, technology savvy and most importantly symbolize trust. ”

He further continued, “We believe this is the perfect coming together of the two leading brands in entertainment and mobility.”

“Nokia’s very human technology has made it simpler for people to stay connected, with each other and to their passions. I have been a Nokia user for more than a decade and have used various handsets over the years. I am absolutely delighted to work with a brand that I admire,” commented Shah Rukh Khan.