Nokia promises N-Gage Games Transfer

Nokia N-gage N81

Nokia has heard it. Yes, it has heard all the ‘grrrs’ and grumbles from all N-gage fans that came from every part of the world after there were reports on the non-transferability. So, N-Gage fans; its time to rest easy and let your face turn to normal from tomato red. Nokia will be finally allowing the transfer of N-gage games from the N-gage handset to another in case of replacement.

“We don’t have any timeline for the fix, but the games guys are aware how big an issue this is and doing their best to solve it,” Nokia spokesman James said in a news report.

The case was that the games once downloaded onto an N-gage handset got ‘locked’ to the phone instead of the purchaser’s user ‘account’. “Due to copy protection, N-Gage games, like most mobile games, are linked to one device,” say Nokia officials. “As the value of content increases, a robust copy protection mechanism is essential as it makes it possible for the games industry to invest in N-Gage content.”

They also said, “Our policy is that the N-Gage activation codes only work on the device where they were first activated. As with any digital media there is a potential risk of piracy and this policy is one of the ways we are dealing with piracy and ensuring our partners receive their rightful revenues from our platform. If users need to repair their device, the activation codes will be reissued,” promising a solution to the problem.

They have apologized and made peace with the users blaming miscommunication for the fury. However even after promising the transfer, the details of the process of transfer have not been explained by the company.