Nokia partners with Infineon to develop LTE solutions

Nokia Infineon Logos In an effort to develop advanced radio frequency (RF) transceiver solutions, leading semiconductor company Infineon recently collaborated with handset manufacturer Nokia.

The agreement is claimed to be a non-exclusive collaboration to ensure the compatibility and interworking of Nokia’s advanced licensable baseband modem technologies and Infineon’s RF solutions. Both these companies will work together to ensure that current and future generations of Nokia’s licensable modem designs operate efficiently with Infineon’s RF transceiver solutions, giving the industry an access to complete modem solutions for HSPA through LTE.

“We are grateful to expand our successful collaboration with Nokia beyond our current platform and RF activities. Pairing Nokia’s advanced modem technology and Infineon’s best in class RF transceiver solutions, will give the industry access to very competitive chipset solutions,” mentioned Hermann Eul, Member of the Infineon Management Board.

“Taking advantage of each company’s expertise as leaders in their respective fields, this cooperation will help to deliver standard-based, industry leading solutions for mobile internet devices,” remarked Pekka Sarlund, Vice President, Wireless Modem, Nokia.

This association brings together teams from both companies to work upon the architectural and system challenges to ensure interoperability and compatibility. This co-operation will lead to a verified technology reference platform.

With this collaboration, both companies will jointly drive the interface standardization for LTE-Advanced, offering data rates of up to 1Gbit/s.