Nokia Ovi Suite Beta for Windows ready for trial

Nokia Ovi Suite Windows

Those waiting for some refreshing Nokia Ovi Suite updates may now have a reason to smile. Nokia Ovi Suite Beta for Windows is ready for testing, though the final version is yet to be anticipated.

This edition will enable downloads directly from the PC homescreen to the connected handset. The Maps view has some interesting tweaks added to it. Maps which are already on the phone can be easily accessed and managed.

Locating maps and keeping tabs on existing downloads can be done without too much effort. A number of maps can be downloaded simultaneously and this should save users some time. These additions basically highlight simplicity and convenience in the process.

What’s more, the upgrade will allow installing of small package updates easily. Considering that the packages are small, updates ought to happen swiftly and may also help fix any problem encountered.

Nokia Ovi Suite Beta for Windows is now available at Nokia Beta Labs.