NokiaNokia Normandy Android prototype sets the web ablaze

Nokia Normandy Android prototype sets the web ablaze [Leaked photo]

A leaked image of a prototype of the long rumored Nokia Normandy has got tongues wagging yet again. Back in February 2011, this sort of smartphone would have sounded like the Nokia-Android lovechild of mere fantasy only. Now there’s real (albeit unofficial) evidence to prove that the Finnish company has finally come to its senses.

According to the rumors we’ve be treated to so far, the Nokia Normandy may run on a forked version of Android, or at least the Google OS with a slightly tweaked user interface. It could hit shelves in at least six color options of red, yellow, black, white, blue and green. The phone doesn’t appear very different from the Lumia lineup as you can see.

Nokia Normandy Prototype

The main back button found on the Asha series such as the 502 dual SIM can be seen on this one too. The prototype which was outed via @seamissu on Twitter shows the device encased in what seems to be a black rubber bumper. The screen reads Nokia and that’s about it. We only know what handset we’re looking at because the accompanying words call it an ‘engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy.’

The only question is, are we actually looking at a discarded version of the smartphone? Since Microsoft has bought the mobile manufacturer’s devices business, the latter doesn’t have much say in what can or cannot be released. An older story had indicated that the Normandy would be dropped in favor of wearables.

Press Shots

So maybe it’s too early to cheer up and wait for the Normandy to surface. After all, it’s probable Microsoft will try to have as less to do as possible with its bitter rival, Google.

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