Nokia N810 Tablet now gets Webot Interface

Nokia N810 Mobile Phone Webot a media platform for browsers and mobile devices has come together with Nokia to offer an interface for Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

Nokia N810 has a media player with it as the users can enjoy the features of the handsets.

Webot made media search, sharing and player technologies to incorporate media player within the handset.

Nokia N810 has a touch screen so the users can just tap on the screen to play any song from any of their computers across the world.

The users can also offer digital picture frames that automatically updates new photos arrive, and the ability to share photo albums with loved ones.

Dave Gottesman, CEO of Webot, “We’re proud to deliver the first media player that lets Nokia N810 users enjoy all the media on their computers from anywhere,” said

He added, “Nokia’s Internet tablets are groundbreaking devices that redefine what’s possible with mobility, so they’re perfect for innovative applications like ours.”

Webot supports the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now the Nokia N810 Internet tablet. While Webot can also search and stream media from Windows, MacOS and Linux machines.