Nokia MOSH announces SEEK service for Mobile Users

Nokia Mosh On October 27th, 2007, Nokia disclosed SEEK, the third dimension of its mobile sharing site, MOSH. SEEK permits MOSH users to demand for content they crave and the community can then respond with suggestions or custom created content answering the ’SEEK’.

Nokia’s first dimension was the capacity to upload and share content with the global audience. The second dimension was to download and customize the device. SEEK is the third dimension in the evolution of MOSH, providing the facility to seek content and interact with the different communities.
SEEK agrees to the rapid growing and global, MOSH community to connect with one another. It also enables to obtain content that is not yet available, like searching for a specific mobile application, visiting any place and need of a great mobile map, capturing video or photographs of a specific dive in
the Maldives. Name it and SEEK it.

SEEK will knock into the power of the MOSH community and provide customized reply to different people’s different mobile needs.

Lee Epting, Vice President, Forum Nokia says “MOSH has a strong focus on responding to the needs of its community of users and feedback from the community is the motivation for SEEK. We have always focused on MOSH being a service created for, and shaped by, users. Seeing users request content from one another, as well as the desire for community discussion, forms the foundation of SEEK.”

Adding to it, “With SEEK, the possibilities are endless: mobile scavenger hunts, sponsored SEEK competitions, or collaboration on applications by developers in India, Russia and the USA, we expect this to take creativity and mobile customization to a new level.”

MOSH is a shorten application for mobilization and sharing information. It has been noticed more than 6 million downloads from the time its beta launch. MOSH was built with the mobility in mind. Allowing content creators and technology leaders of MOSH, to post their content to the global audience. Focused on the sharing mobile content, MOSH is aimed for all mobile devices and not specifically for Nokia.

SEEK will officially be available on December 14, 2007.