NokiaNokia Maps Suite 2.0 let loose for Symbian users

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 let loose for Symbian users

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Sliding past the beta version, the Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 software has been officially released for Symbian users. The assortment includes Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Public Transport, to provide handset owners a convenient on-the-go experience.

While the original app was always meant to aid people with locating places more easily, this new version goes a step further. Potential users can now describe the locations they visited by tagging their photos with the places. In other words, the map can be personalized for showing off an entire journey to pals.

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A long-press on the maps will facilitate drive, walk and public transit routes that should help users reach the desired location easily. The Places widget incorporated by Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 is designed to give out more information about a particular area, making it apt for use in places people may not know much about.

As for Nokia Drive, the larger map is expected to make for convenient viewing. The dashboard is narrower, which means the map can be perused easily in the landscape mode. The route planner that was initially pulled is back owing to popular demand. For the UK, Voice Search will allow for getting the directions right simply by speaking out commands.

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With the Public Transport app, the experience should be as simple as typing in the destination and readying the bags. The route, the mode of transit and the stop to get down at are all provided by the software. Moreover, other features like real-time routing and line data have been added to get a better grasp of the path ahead.

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 can be downloaded via the Nokia Store or directly onto Belle smartphones.

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