Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite offers Email Solutions on Handsets

Nokia Intellisync Wireless Suite offering Email & Nokia Logo Since Nokia is having many new customers for its Intellisync Mobile Suite, which offers wireless Email solution in Germany, Australia and Switzerland, the company has now decided to enable the users to access emails too on their mobile phones.

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite allows flexibility with a range of applications, for instance a device management or file synchronization can be easily added according to the growth need of mobility.

Nokia’s Intellisync Mobile Suite’s main aim is to allow users to access secure mobile email and also gain remote access to sensitive information in their corporate data base.

Thus the solution offers the possibility to share documents and Intranet based content with mobile workers and updates the content automatically on the mobile devices.

According to Norbert Schmautz, System administrator for Sparkassen Informatik “Given our structure where each branch manages employees independently, multitenancy was a paramount requirement for our wireless email solution, in addition to a secure offering.”

“Especially in our fast moving business, it is our competitive advantage to be agile – to be able to react quickly to any market condition or customer request in a secure way.” Mobile email is quiet necessary said Derk Steffens, managing director at Computerlinks AG Switzerland.

He further added, “We have chosen Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite as we wanted to implement the solution behind the firewall – we did not want to make any compromise in security matters”

Georg Pangl, Managing Director, Austrian Federal Football League commented, “We especially value the flexibility and the ease of use of the Nokia wireless email solution. As the email synchronization can be activated or switched off at the push of a button, the user himself can decide whether he wants to be available or not.”

He continued, “Thus, private and business life play well together, given the many games we have during the weekends”.

Rundfunk further added “We selected Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email as it fulfilled all our criteria such as fast and secure access to mobile email as well as mobile synchronization of contact and calendar details.”

He concluded, “From an IT perspective an easy integration into our existing IT infrastructure was key as well as the central management of all devices via the device management module of Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite”

From the above examples of Sparkassen Informatik and Bayerischer Rundfunk it gives an idea about how essential it is to have email services on mobile phone after considering mobility as a part of the company’s overall IT strategy’s.

Many companies have now started to offer their employees access to emails on their mobile phones through Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Suite.