Nokia Gem phone concept takes on advanced touchscreen technology

Nokia Gem

The latest concept phone to catch the attention of tech enthusiasts is the Nokia Gem phone which was recently disclosed by the Nokia Conversations blog. The interesting technology used in the device is designed to allow the ability to turn the whole phone into a touchscreen so that users can operate the handset from anywhere on it and not necessarily via the front panel.

The Nokia Gem phone concept can change the appearance of the smartphone from a camera to a map or a photograph and then back again to a phone according to the task that users select. It is capable of displaying advertising messages on the back of the phone as well. According to the company, the highlight of this concept handset is the interaction between all sides of the phone and the appearance altering ability.

“Now, when you launch an application like the camera, your mobile phone still looks like a mobile phone, but with Gem, when you launch the camera application, the whole phone looks like a camera. It’s the ultimate customizable device. There is no default appearance. If you play a lot of games it will usually resemble a games pad, for example. It’s called Gem because polished precious stones have several sides. Also it’s a concept which is like a raw gem, but it needs to be polished to become a real product,” cited, Senior Design Manager Jarkko Saunamäki, who led the team which created Gem.

Nokia Gem Phone Concept

Offering increased flexibility in operation, the interesting Nokia device will enable users to type on the keyboard or view text messages and documents from anywhere on the phone, no matter which way it is held. User would not need to decorate their phones with fancy casings or custom-made covers as any picture or photograph of can be chosen to cover the whole phone.

The Nokia Gem phone concept has been launched in sync with the 25th anniversary of the Nokia Research Centre. The unique concept is still in the development stage and is therefore not likely to hit the markets any time soon.