Nokia drops Ovi Unlimited Music service in most markets

OvI Logo First launched at the end of 2007, Ovi Music Unlimited service provided by Nokia is no more universal. Yes, the official Nokia blog has announced that they would be contracting Ovi Music Unlimited as a service in UK and 26 other countries. Nonetheless, current customers will be offered uninterrupted access to the music library until their subscriptions are over.

Since December 31 2010, Nokia has halted Ovi Music Unlimited subscription sale in selected countries, while the service continues in several others. The service can be enjoyed in China and India with a 12-month subscription and as a six-month subscription offering within Brazil, Turkey and South Africa. A major complication with service is the fact that it is not compatible with the iPod or the Mac computer and consumers prefer a music service which is DRM-free.

No disruption issues will be faced by existing service customers and they can cherish access to the music library until their subscriptions finish. Also their music downloads can be saved and they are still authorized to buy DRM-free songs through the catalogue on the Ovi Music Store. Nokia will be discontinuing service in UK and 26 other countries by the end of the year.

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