Nokia ceases operation of Ovi Contacts website

Nokia Ovi

It looks like Nokia is pulling out all stops to abandon its association with the Ovi tag as the company has just announced the termination of the Ovi Contacts website. This move is in line with the one that the Finnish phone manufacturer had undertaken two months ago in October when it had renamed the Ovi Store as the Nokia Store.

Access to the Ovi Contacts website will be discontinued as of January 24, 2012. According to the Nokia Conversations blog, users’ contacts on their Nokia phones will not be affected by this change and they will be able to continue syncing and backing up the data in the standard way. The only change that users would be experiencing while executing these tasks is that contacts on will be inaccessible.

Ovi Contacts users now have six weeks ahead of them before the discontinuation of the web service. If subscribers still want to continue using the web-based contacts service, they can export their contacts list to alternative services like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and the Apple Address Book.

It can be done by visiting on the PC, logging in to the concerned Ovi account and saving the contacts file to the local drive by selecting the green button below the message text. After this, clicking on the file to access the data, selecting any of the alternate contact services and following the import instructions should do the trick.

The blog reveals that the termination of the website is part of a business decision taken to help the company focus more on its primary services, especially after the establishment of the new business unit, Location and Commerce, in July this year.