Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101 Keeps You Connected

Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-101 The brand-name, Nokia, has always been a source of communication. Now, Nokia makes communication much simpler and easier than before.

Nokia has announced about Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101. The aim to design the headset is to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues without any hassle. At the SEMA Show, the headset revealed its identity and proved to be an ideal companion for people on the move who want a simple, discreet and affordable solution for their handsfree communications.

The headset is plain black in color and is almost rectangular in shape. It features a basic design with no expectations of being impressive.

The comfort level and the durability of the headset can exert through a long, hectic day. With the efficient power management, one can talk up to eight hours or put the headset aside on standby mode for up to 180 hours.

Being compact in size, the headset comes with an easily adjustable earloop making any long conversation effortless.

From the wide range of Bluetooth headsets that stand out and look more like personal accessories than useful devices, the BH-101 seems to be among the most average.

The headset has basic call handling functions and supports Bluetooth functions up to version 2.0 with EDR and Handsfree v.1.5 and Headset v.1.1.

Although Nokia Bluetooth BH-101’s appearance is not that flashy yet it is known to be the best to communicate.

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101 is predictable to hit store shelves globally by Christmas and will cost an estimated 30 EUR/40 USD, without taxes.