Nokia announces E75 with Nokia Messaging Service in India

Nokia E75

Nokia has launched its first side slider phone called the Nokia E75 in India. It is powered by Nokia Messaging service and supports upto 16 email accounts.

The Nokia E75 offers full desktop email functionality as well as complete integration of email and messaging services. It also supports a range of third party email solutions such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Indiatimes, Hotmail, Sify and It alerts users for up to two email accounts.

Manage your personal and business life easily with E75’s user friendly interface that features two customizable home screen modes. This phone supports folder and HTML including sorting capabilities, expandable views as well as other common functions used in emails. The E75 comes with full integration between email, home screen, calendar and contacts. In addition to this, it also lets users create and respond to meeting requests and enables contacts look up and auto-complete. Moreover, the phone comes with a built-in mobile VPN for intranet access.

Mr. Vineet Taneja, Marketing Director, Nokia India states,” Business mobility is now a necessity. The prosumers and enterprises in India are fast realizing that mobile business solutions can help provide a competitive advantage. The power-packed Nokia E75 with Nokia Messaging Service is the definite efficiency tool that offers the complete mobile email functionality and gives consumers an enriched and easy to use email experience while on the move. Connecting to and using email now on will be as easy as using SMS giving people the choice of applications they want to use and when they want to use.”

The E75 bundles up other features such as 3.2 megapixel camera, media player, music player, A-GPS, pre-loaded maps, FM and Internet radio.

The Nokia E75 is available in two colors, silver black and red. It carries a price tag worth Rs. 26, 299.