Nokia 4G speed capability that is 400 times faster than what is available in India

Guaranteed to make your eyes bleed, Nokia Solutions and Networks and SK Telecom have managed to achieve a 4G speed of 3.78 Gbps, which is about 400 times faster than what internet service providers in India offer you. Networks and SK Telecom managed to pull this feat by bringing together TDD and FDD LTE spectrum, aggregating 10 spectrum frequencies allotted to both LTE versions to include 200MHz bandwidth.

Breaking it down in simple terms, you would be able to download a 5GB high definition video or movie within 11 seconds flat with a 4G connection sprinting along at a pace of 3.78 Gbps. So just in case you were of the opinion that LTE is the best thing to have happened to communications technology in the last few years, you’ve got another think coming.

NSN Stock Image

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With cloud computing increasing in importance and the amount of content folks share through social networks and similar services, it’s undoubtedly clear that more and more people will go beyond requiring just fast downloads. Vice president of TD-LTE at Nokia, Zhang Qi, notes that telecom operators across the world can now depend on the company for not just zippy download speeds, but data uploads too.

The throughput speed of 3.78 Gbps was made possible by NSN’s very own Single RAN Advanced radio solution and Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station (BTS). The combination is dressed with software to aggregate carriers on TDD and FDD LTE spectrum and to implement LTE-Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). But it’s not all testing and talks only with regards to this technology.

Nokia is currently working with 3GPP and other service providers to make TDD-FDD convergent networks a reality for consumers like us.

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