Nokia 3110 Evolve an Eco-friendly Concept Phone

Nokia 3110 Evolve Eco-friendly Concept phone Finnish mobile company Nokia, which comes out with innovative handsets has come up with a new concept mobile phone. The news has been doing the rounds on the internet and we have only figured out one of its features that it might be an eco-friendly phone. We don’t know when or where this kind of mobile phone will available.

Nokia’s so called eco-friendly phone which is Nokia 3110 Evolve. Since the handset made is going to be from recycled things how the packaging may be different.

The company is going to provide energy efficient charger. Most of us have a habit of leaving the charger plugged in with the switch on; this efficient charger will help reduce the load when done so as it is going to use only 6 per cent of the energy. The users on using this will save up to 94 per cent energy.

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The company has decided to make smaller phones and smaller packaging which will be made from recyclable materials and recaptured products.

The Nokia 3110 Evolve would be made from 50 per cent renewable material with the recycled packaging.

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