NoiseTube app turns your smartphone into a sound-o-meter of sorts

Let’s face it, all you’ll be able to do is measure sound levels you’re exposed to with the NoiseTube application in a country like India and that’s it. As a recently concluded festival in Mumbai proved, no one’s going to be any more considerate just because the noise they’re making could cause permanent damage to your eardrums.

For the sake of science or any community in which the NoiseTube software will be of real use, you can download it onto your Android or iOS phone and start measuring the levels of sound around you in dB(A). You will need GPS as well as a properly functioning microphone on your handset in order to get going.

NoiseTube App

Once you’re done recording an audio clip, it can be uploaded to the server over the web and then a detailed noise map of sorts is provided for you to examine. Created by the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, the tool is simple to use since it is meant to help the general public and not just tech-savvy folks.

The developers see NoiseTube as a means to assist communities in monitoring the noise level in their respective localities and do something about it, because everyone knows how stressful loud sounds can be to the mind and body. The app is supposed to enable a participative approach towards checking noise pollution.

NoiseTube for Android

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The NoiseTube app shows decibel levels in green or red colors depending on the severity of the surrounding disturbances. It is available on Google Play Store as well as iTunes. It works with the iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, Samsung Galaxy S2, Dell Streak 5 Mini and HTC Hero/Desire HD/Desire S/One X.