Next2Friends, a Mobile Communication and Social Networking Site to launch on Xmas Eve

Next2Friends logo The much awaited beta version of Next2Friends, which is a mobile networking and communication platform will be released on December 24, 2007.

“By enabling creation of a Social Network on Mobile Devices, Next2Friends can move network building into the real world as opposed to the virtual world,” commented Andrew Doyle, COO of Next2Friends.

Doyle further added, “This creates immediate relevance for the user in contacts made which has never been delivered before. The free version of Next2Friends is likely to reach a user base far exceeding that of Facebook, Linkedin or MySpace. The value added services, which include Real-Time Rich Media Streaming and Mobile-Based Polling Services, will also be readily taken up by a significant proportion of the IT literate target market.”

The beta version already has pre-registered users as they have been waiting from a long time. These pre-users will be benefited with features like mobile communications platform from 12 noon on January 2nd, 2008.

The site will be introduced on the Christmas Eve 2007 at 12 noon for selected Press and Journalist Users for an exclusive Review.

The beta phase will officially run from March 2008. This service is available in USA.

The beta phase on official launch will offer:

  • Intelligent Matching from Virtual to Reality — Proximity based user to user profile matching and network building via mobile device.
  • Ask-a-Friend — Instant live rich-media private and public polling via mobile device.
  • Real-time Live Broadcasting Network — Mobile devices as well as standard webcams.
  • Demographic/ Rules Based Revenue Generating Advertising — Proximity based business to user profile matching and content delivery via mobile device.
  • Online Video Editing — Live stream/Video editing suite for personal reproduction of video content.
  • Video Messaging — Rich-media online user to user messaging system.