SonyNext-Gen iPhone SE Could Offer 6.1-inch Notched Display

Next-Gen iPhone SE Could Offer 6.1-inch Notched Display

iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Those who have loved the iPhone SE series devices for their smaller displays are seemingly in for some disappointment. That’s because a new report is speculating that the next-gen handset could opt for a 6.1-inch LCD display with a notch at the top.

There have been three iPhone SE releases to date and none of them has breached the 5-inch mark with respect to their display sizes. In fact, the first-ever iPhone SE was marketed as a device meant for those who craved smaller phones from days of the past.

The original iPhone SE had come out in 2016 with a 4.7-inch panel and a design that was reminiscent of the iPhone 5S. The next entry came out in 2020 with a 4.7-inch panel and the design of the iPhone 8. Its successor from this year didn’t have too many changes but it did add 5G connectivity and the A15 Bionic chip.

A 6.1-inch display on the fourth-gen iPhone SE would mean smaller bezels and that makes the notch a no-brainer. And with the notch present, there could even be space for Face ID hardware, though there is even chatter that Touch ID would be moved to the power button instead.

Past reports had suggested that the next iPhone SE will adopt the design of the iPhone XR from 2018 and this report falls in line with that speculation. We’d love to hear about the other expected specs of this new handset but there’s little to no information on that front.

This new info about the fourth-gen iPhone SE comes via a report from Macrumors that quotes DSCC analyst Ross Young. The same analyst had also previously said that the device won’t arrive until 2024.

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