New Version 13.1 updates for SmartSearch

SmartSearch Website Advanced Personal Systems recently announced the completion of Version 13.1 updates to its SmartSearch solution. The SmartSearch solution users can now access their database from the iPhone, BlackBerry or other handheld devices for free.

Another popular enhancement for SmartSearch users and mobile recruiters is the Gmail integration. Users can either use the Outlook Toolbar plug-in or set up access to Gmail account. SmartSearch can import inbound and outbound email content, thanks to both tools.

This software product serves both PC and Mac users. Mac users who use the FireFox browser can benefit from additional functionality and document management capabilities offered by the Version 13.1 updates.

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“SmartSearch is designed to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing systems and applications for managing all sourcing and employment related information,” said Doug Coull, CEO of APS. “We are pleased to offer these enhancements to our communication tools and email handling capabilities.”

SmartSearch offers software that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking, and hiring activities in an online database. In the database, all the different pieces come together in one easy to use interface.

The v13.1 updates are available to all SmartSearch users free of cost.

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