New Software Version update 20.0.015 for Nokia N95

Nokia Software Update 20.0.015

Nokia introduces a new software version 20.0.015 for Nokia N95.

The software version offers battery, stability and performance improvements which helps users to run faster and longer and provides three more hours of music which works out to be 9-12 hours of music that is 30% more as compared to earlier one.

The software also contains a new version of Nokia Maps for faster positioning, faster Map Loader and it comprises of 3-day free navigation.

Users can now download N-Gage demo games and even other games free of cost.

Through Nokia Music Store in the UK the users will be able to download instant over-the-air music regardless of where ever they are.

After updating the handset with software 20.0.015 the user can reload their personal data and can optimize the menu layout by installing the file, after which he/she will have to reboot the device to see the changes.