Quixey is a new search engine that helps find the best of apps for users

Here’s an idea you’ve probably never thought of involving a search engine called Quixey that’s built just for looking through applications to find information you really need. Armed with $74 million in investment funding and 150 employees, the tech start-up which is based in California is doing something to make your life much easier.

Imagine a Quixey search box inside your phone which can answer queries like ‘taxi home’ or ‘best Italian food in LA’ and actually deliver the solutions by pulling them from within other applications. It’s very different from a service like Google Search or Bing which allows you to find content buried within web pages.


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For one thing, the Quixey app ecosystem is growing to massive proportions at an amazing speed. So who’s gonna tell you which is the best application for foodies or adventure lovers or music buffs and so on, when there are so many options out there? Quixey looks within such tools to give you the answer.

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MIT Technology Review got an early peek of a prototype of the Quixey service which is meant to sniff out the best places at which users can eat and drink. The software is reported to deliver the highest rated restaurants in the location from review apps like Urbanspoon and Yelp.

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Search Engine For Apps

One of the main problems that the search engine faces has to do with app developers not adding deep links to their creations. A deep link would be a searchable or indexed hyperlink which leads to a specific item in a shopping tool or a clip in a video app, for example.

While brands like Google and Facebook are pushing for deep links with better targeted advertisements in mind, Quixey can actually make use of these to render its search engine a whole lot better at looking through apps and finding what you need.

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