New Paperboy Mobile Games to come out soon, says Elite and Midway

Midway Paperboy Elite and Midway have extended their existing relationship for Paperboy mobile products worldwide through 2010. Both the companies together have planned new & classic Paperboy mobile products at the game’s 25th anniversary. Now mobile gamers can easily enjoy new and classic mobile products based on the Midway arcade title Paperboy.

Paperboy, scheduled for a spring 2008 release, is in the process of development. Although it is a brand new game, it incorporates the familiar characters and game play dynamics of the arcade title, first seen in 1984.

Elite also announced that it has begun a search for development partners to create other Paperboy mobile products will be launched in 2009, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the game’s introduction.

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“Classic versions of the Midway arcade title Paperboy have been enjoyed by millions of players in the arcades, on consoles and PCs and most recently, courtesy of Elite, mobile phones. We genuinely hope and believe that the new Paperboy mobile products will be enjoyed by millions more,” said Steve Wilcox, Elite founder.