New LifeInPocket application for BlackBerry

LifeinPocket Application RoadComm brings the improved LifeInPocket mobile suite to RIM BlackBerry smartphone users. The free LifeInPocket app claims to enhance BlackBerry devices with a wide variety of functionalities that are available on any other mobile device.

The app brings a full suite of features that include GPS, navigation, actionable location messaging, friends/family locator, local listing/reviews, satellite map, street view, cheap gas finder, news, video and traffic. Users can keep in touch with their dear ones as the app supports Twitter, emails, IMs, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Users can also access other conventional features like TV guide, music, movies and local events, weather, finance, banking, sports, flights, magazines, fashion, cooking, transportation, travel, yellow/white pages, dictionary, translation, bible along with other real-time information and services as well.

LifeInPocket provides access to Location Messaging Service empowered with navigation and other GPS-based services. It also brings advanced turn-by-turn navigation prompts with voice guidance. With hands-free and eyes-free navigation, the app offers an ultimate navigation experience.

With the application’s synced address book, online trip-planning tool and BlackBerry’s address book, the LifeInPocket Navigation eliminates the hassle of typing on small keyboards and also transcends high-priced phone navigation services.

Comparatively more powerful than SMS, users will benefit from the LifeInPocket’s Cross-Platform and Cross-Network instant location messaging, family/friends locator and an array of social functions on mobile phones and desktop computers.

Users can sync or import the address book with several web address books. Simply with the LifeInPocket’s address book or their device’s address book, users can click on the synced contacts to “call,” to “mail” and to “navigate” through their mobile phones.

Apart from maps, weather, PIM, traffic report, parking, roadside assistance and WiFi hotspots, the app also delivers a GPS/address-based directory with over 15 million POIs. Users can also access other visitors’ recent reviews and ratings about restaurants, car repair shops, towing services and more.

Claiming to be the only app of its kind, the LifeInPocket offers numerous capabilities and empowers BlackBerry smartphones with a wide variety of services.