New LG Shine Wood cell phone announced

LG Shine Wood Award-winning Shine phone from LG Electronics has introduced a new mobile phone in the Shine product line. The new LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H is a flap phone, featuring a wooden body and shiny metal accents.

The new Shine phone is named Wood because the headset has a wooden frame that gives the LG-LB2500H a natural feel. It is professionally designed with natural wooden finish stainless steel at the surface of the phone by utilizing Curl-Fit method that makes the device really look like wood.

Apart from the basic features of messaging, making and receiving calls, LG Shine Wood exerts high end features like 2 megapixel camera, MP3 Player and an electronic dictionary. Additionally, a DMB television is enabled in the phone that sports a grand-spanking retro chic retractable antenna that will surely wow the fashionable handset.

New LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H

Currently, the high-end printed natural wood pattern cell phone is believed to be available exclusively in Korea.

The retail price of the new LG Shine Wood LG-LB2500H cell phone still remains a mystery, but it is assumed to be approximately in 473,000 Korea Won.