New iPhone jailbreak software can disable location tracking with added security

iPhone Unlock Software

With recent, significant technological advancements, mobile phone users’ location information can be viewed by random meddling eyes. In a considerate attempt to sidestep such unfortunate episodes, iPhone Unlocking Solutions has pioneered a downloadable privacy app called ‘Unlock the iPhone’ for providing heightened security.

Soon after the launch of the iPhone 4, it has apparently emerged that Apple has been collecting users’ location-related data including longitude, latitude and timestamp information. In order to employ the numerous geolocation based apps, iPhone owners have to enable the location services on their handsets.

All the location information gets saved in a file named as ‘consolidated.db’, which is unencrypted and can be accessed by almost anyone. This new software app effectively keeps the aforementioned file constantly clear and encrypts a backup copy for use, if the need arises.

This enables users to safeguard their personal location information from malicious third-parties, while still permitting geolocation services to work on their phones. The privacy app is compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4 models.

The highly useful ‘Unlock the iPhone’ app is now available for download for $29.95 via the company’s official site.