New iPhone application from Questionmark

Questionmark App Imparting knowledge has become easier through technologically advanced means. Questionmark has now announced a new application for the iPhone, which enables delivery of assessment to learners on the go. The application opens doors to new ways of sending across knowledge checks, quizzes and surveys to a wide mobile audience.

The Questionmark Perception version 5 can help organizations reach out to learners with access to the iPhone. The application pointed towards a Perception server, allows users to integrate the Perception’s auto-sensing and auto-sizing capabilities, to send across a single assessment to many different types of devices. The system auto-senses each device along with its browser and accordingly re-sizes the content to fit the mobile screen perfectly.

With the help of this application, organizations can not only create but also check on the results of the surveys, quizzes, tests and exams administered by them. Moreover, with the Open Assessment Platform, organizations can build and integrate the Questionmark technologies by utilizing a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The application has been made available as a licensed, on-premise deployment or as an on-demand management system.