AppleNew iExit iPhone App uncloaked

New iExit iPhone App uncloaked

iExit iPhone App

Ever alighted at an interstate exit only to later sigh with regret realizing that a nicer one was just a few miles away to reach? If yes, then an all-new iExit app for iPhones has recently whispered to ensure that such incidence never happens again. Happy to hear? Well, the new application helps offer information on particular exits while driving on interstates.

This interstate-based travel guide app ascertains that the tedious task of hunting a particular thing doesn’t drain more of users’ energy now. The assisting app contains over 200,000 points of interest that range from the obvious like gas stations, restaurants and hotels to gourmet grocery stores, auto services and RV repair centers.

iExit apprises users which points of interest are coming up when driving on interstates in the continental United States. By utilizing the handset’s location, the app helps in determining which point of interest is coming up and displays it in multiple user-friendly formats. Users can now see all upcoming exits in either a list view or map view. In fact, users can create a list of ‘favorites’ and only watch for those places. Now calling most places listed in the data is also shown the door of possibility.

The greatly-helping iExit is anticipated to be eventually priced at $4.99 but for a limited introductory time, it costs users as little as $2.99 on the iPhone App Store.

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