New Hitachi Wooo Ketai H001 Phone launched

Hitachi Wooo Ketai H001 Phone

Hitachi has now come out with a 5 MP camera phone called Hitachi Wooo Ketai H001. The specialty of this phone is that it allows you to enjoy watching videos in 3D. It also comes with the ability to swivel horizontally to be more TV like.

Other features incorporated by this cool phone include a 3.1 inch display at 845 x 480 resolution. The Wooo also comes with microSD memory card slot, 1Seg TV tuner support as well as e-wallet support.

Hitachi also recommends that users do not enjoy the 3D advantage for too long or it will cause dizziness and it’s not suitable for kids. This AU handset from KDDI is only available in Japan. More information about the price and other news will be updated soon.