Instant Quantified Self is an Android app that lets you track everything

Who doesn’t love the many innovative Android apps that keep popping up from time to time, like this universal tracker from Instant which lets you keep tabs on lots of activities? Dubbed Instant – Quantified Self, this app is a life-logging tool that helps you automatically track stuff like the daily usage of your device/apps, fitness time and travel.

Its makers have revealed that they have developed the Android app with an aim of helping you focus more on the people around you, and in turn, live in the moment. According to them, the Instant application helps promotes a balanced lifestyle which is what saves your time so that you can interact with people around you rather than being engrossed in your smartphones.


This Android app works seamlessly in the background, and mainly tracks the amount of time which you spend on your device as well as on your apps every day. Moreover, with the help of the Google Fit app, it is also able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of just how much you walk and travel during your day.

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Additional features that it is able to deliver include statistics on how many times you unlock your device and the ability to set reminders in accordance to your daily limit. Instant has been built keeping in mind Google’s Material Design guidelines, and comes complete with graphs and other diagrams to make it simpler for you to identify your habits.

Instant – Quantified Self is now available to download for Android phones and tablets through the Google Play store. And it can of course, be grabbed free of cost.