New 3D pen eats waste plastic, spits out art

A new project up for funding on Kickstarter shows how waste plastic around the house can lend itself as ink for 3D pens. The Renegade 3D pen aims to lessen the amount of plastic waste that finds its way to the dump, by using it to make 3D objects. The gadget includes an electronic component that can recycle plastic to be used for drawing.

The Renegade 3D pen is equipped with a plastic bottle shredder that tears waste plastic into strips. The cutter tool comes in a bug head design which cuts spools of plastic in minutes. The plastic strips melt in the electrical heating system of the pen and are pushed towards the nib. A button-regulated output ensures an even flow of ink from the nib for enabling complex designs and silhouettes.

Renegade 3D Pen

The molten plastic that flows out of the nib cools rapidly so that the design retains its 3D form after it’s brought to life. The pen is designed to keep the user safe while the cutting, heating and other processes take place in the pen. The easy usage allows users to make a large number of designs as per their creative projects.

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Renegade 3D can be used to sketch 3D objects or make stencils of 2D drawings so that they can be replicated with ease. The sky is the limit for drawing with this pen. For purchasing the Renegade Pro 3D pen, you can access the project profile on Kickstarter (link posted below). The device is priced starting at £60 (Rs 5300 or $80).

3D Pen

For £30 more, the developers will throw in the entire kit with the bottle shredder. The Super Renegade Set at £100 provides the entire Renegade Pro kit with strips of colorful plastic to get your inner artist going.