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Netflix Comes Up With TikTok-Like Short Clip For Kids

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Image Source: Bloomberg

Younger viewers of Netflix are all set to get a new feature that brings TikTok-like short video clips to direct them towards relevant content. This feature is being introduced as a test for now and will only be available on the iOS version of the app in select markets.

According to Bloomberg, the Kids Clips section will be rolled out to the iOS version of the app this week. It will feature new clips every day grabbed from the kids-focused shows and movies available on Netflix, as well as stuff that is about to arrive on the service.

A similar trait exists on the platform right now in the form of Fast Laughs, which presents a feed of funny clips from Netflix’s comedy catalog. However, while that section is aligned for verticle playback, Kids Clips has been designed to play horizontal videos.

On any given day, 10 to 20 clips will be part of the Kids Clips section on Netflix. It will be rolled out in select markets first. These include the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Latin American countries.

Kids Clips is yet another effort by the streaming giant to counter the issue of ‘decision fatigue’ that’s faced by its users owing to the large catalog it possesses. A feature called Play Something was launched this October with the same aim. It helps viewers find something to watch based on their past usage patterns.

But there could very well be another reason behind the launch of this feature. According to The Verge, TikTok has been cited by Netflix as a major competitor in its past earnings reports. So Kids Clips could be a pilot project to compete with the massive video-sharing platform.

Kids Clips will start testing on Netflix in the above-mentioned countries from this week onwards.

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