Navigon 2.0 navigation app lands on iPhone

Navigon 2.0

The updated version of the Navigon navigation app for the iPhone recently made its way to the App Store entitled Navigon 2.0. This next generation onboard navigation software keeps itself separate from the maps and gives users the option of choosing any of the map regions to download on their iPhone.

This refreshed app comes with a new user interface that enables handset owners to easily switch between various pages featuring animated menus and multi-touch user gestures. It provides quarterly map updates and claims to offer field-verified and quality-controlled maps from Navteq that possess accurate data. iPhone owners can conveniently access the start screen during navigation and add a new address while continuing to operate the current route.

Navigon 2.0

Gerhard Mayr, Navigon vice-president of worldwide mobile phone business, stated, “Navigation systems have become more complex over the last years. We’ve added over 30 new features to our app since it first launched, ranging from traffic and parking information to advanced lane guidance, and our challenge with this new version was to not just add new functionalities but take the overall user experience to the next level. We completely rethought the way the app interface is structured and as a result, Navigon 2.0 is more intuitive and easier to use than ever before. The new version allows users to pick exactly which maps they need on their iPhone, leaving more room for other apps or photos and videos, for example.”

The 2.0 update has split the app options into two menus that list the actions and settings, respectively. Through the former updated menu, users can customize functions and alter their preferences such as when to receive speed warnings. The Actions menu on the other hand, allows for the use of functions like social network postings and points of interest search.

Existing users of the Navigon application can download the Navigon 2.0 app for free. Those who are new to this software can purchase it for $39.99 from the App Store.