SoftwareNatural Cures free health application launched for the iPhone

Natural Cures free health application launched for the iPhone

Natural Cures application

The latest application to grace the iPhone is called the Natural Cures, a virtual doctor in your pocket. Launched by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and his wife, nutritionist Laurie Teitelbaum, it provides effective natural solutions for better health care.

The Natural Cures application will show you how to make best use of natural and prescription therapies for good health. It also ensures that the important health solution provided by the application is within your reach.

This useful and innovative application provides solution for over 100 health problems. The treatment solution provided will be convenient, integrative as well as in a simple language with detailed recommendations on the treatment.

“It’s like having a comprehensive doctor in your pocket who accompanies you everywhere you go,” explains Dr. Teitelbaum. “This is a quantum leap beyond doctor house calls of the past!”

Additionally, the application offers weekly updates on health and research related to comprehensive medicines as well. Moreover, it lets you find a certified integrative physician in your area. The application also includes a free software that will evaluate symptoms accordingly.

So, whether its Cold, Migraine or Asthma take complete advantage of the new Natural Cures application and diagnose yourself. The application is available at the App store for free.

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